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Android, File Management, and Audio

Hi, been a GNU/Linux user since 1998. It's been my only desktop operating system for years.

Previously I only used Android for a phone and e-mail. However I just got a Pixel 3 and decided to try using it as a music player and am finding myself very frustrated with the file management.

Android 10. This phone has no SD card slot..

I'm using JetAudio+ (I tried PowerAmp but the interface was just way too complex and busy)

The audios - they are 64kbps opus (good enough for the earphones I have) - to get them onto the phone I upload them to my WebDAV server and then use the WebDavNav+ application on Android.

When I download the files, they are not in the Music directory - and I can not find them anywhere using the Files app but if I search for the the filename I can find it but no path is shown. I can copy it to the Music directory where JetAudio+ can then find it. However the native Files application won't let me move the file, only lets me copy the file. Future searches for the same file name show two copies, needlessly taking up space, and there doesn't seem to be an option to delete.

Tried various 3rd party file managers and most had too many ads that got in the way of actually using the app. Asus File Manager works and lets me delete files but it only shows the copy of the file in the Music directory, it doesn't seem to be able to show where the downloaded one I had to copy to Music directory is.

I don't understand how an operating system with such poor file management is so popular, but seriously - is there a 3rd party app that gives better file management that will allow deleting the files from wherever WebDavNav+ puts its downloads (which isn't the Downloads directory oddly) so they can be deleted after being copied to the Music directory?

And for those w/o an SD card slot and running only GNU/Linux desktop, is there a better way to get audios into the Music directory on an Android phone than using a WebDAV client?

It's almost feels like Google is trying to force me to use their streaming ecosystem.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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Using linux and Android 10: these days I simply plug in my phone to my laptop over usb :)

But I have used and recommend syncthing if you want to keep music directories automatically synchronised without cables.

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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Oh does USB work now?

With previous phones I had (Samsung) it only worked in Windows with some special Samsung app.


Gah - I need a cable for that work. The Pixel 3 connector is slightly different than other small USB connectors, the box has a USB adapter in it but it's big USB to Pixel's 3 weird connector, so I need a large USB to large USB cable. Don't think I currently have one, but I'll look.

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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Oh syncthing won't work for me since my desktop is on wired network firewalled from the wireless network for security reasons.

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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Oh syncthing won't work for me since my desktop is on wired network firewalled from the wireless network for security reasons.

OK another option I use sometimes is nextcloud.  Upload from PC to my nextcloud server then download onto phone using the nextcloud app .....

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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I can transfer files to it with WebDAV.

The issue is getting it to the music directory.

ePub etc. works fine - I can open those with a reader and they get copied to the right directory, but opening a music file with a music player and they play but don't get copied to the music directory.

What I really want is a file management app that actually lets me move (not just copy) files and actually gives me access to all the files on the filesystem. It's weird that the WebDAVNav+ app can download a file that I can't navigate to w/ any of the file management apps I tried, yet I can find it with the built-in files app for copying - but can't delete it.

There must be a proper file management app out there somewhere that actually does what a file management app is suppose to do, and not just be an advertising platform that doesn't do anything useful.

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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As far as getting the files into the Music directory I could probably just set up a web server with the files and a header to trigger download, files downloaded from the browser do end up in the Downloads folder where I can move and delete them.

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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Okay in the WebDavNAV+ app I found where it is downloading the files - /storage/emulated/0/Android/com.schimera.webdavnav/files/downloads/funky-string-that-looks-like-uuid/ - but it won't let me delete them. I need a file manager that gives me access to /storage/emulated/

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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Try Ghost Commander

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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Okay found an app called "Simple File Manager" that lets me navigate to it and delete/move files downloaded by the WebDAV app. So at least that problem is solved.

Re: Android, File Management, and Audio

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For the music player, I use Rocket Player (I paid $4 for the premium version).  For file manager, I just started using MiXplorer (found on XDA).  I usually transfer files from Debian to Android via SFTP.

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