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Problem with Android version (tracks cutting out)

I've got the Android foobar2000 up and running and working well except for a nagging problem. It's not showing up in the console -- I was sure it did one earlier time, and I'll post it if it does -- but what happens is that it will intermittently stop in the middle of playback. You can press the pause button twice on the pull-down panel atop the screen to play the track from the beginning; the title and track number won't change until you go into the foobar2000 app screen itself. (Just visiting the screen will get the pull-down panel working again.)

Restarting the phone often, but not always, helps, but you have to manually tell the program to rescan the music library (the automatic that runs on startup will give you zero tracks).

(TL;DR - playback is stopping midtrack and your only recourse is to go to the next track or restart the current one from the beginning by pressing pause twice.)

I'm playing off an SD card. Thanks.

Re: Problem with Android version (tracks cutting out)

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This is the console entry I had noticed with some other tracks when it's happened, although I haven't seen it every time (so I may just be muddying the waters):

"audio lost focus, pausing"

Re: Problem with Android version (tracks cutting out)

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Thanks for the bug report.

Does it make any difference if you play music from internal storage instead of SD card?

Does it make any difference if you toggle "Use OpenSL" switch in advanced settings?

What exact device and Android system version are you using?

Re: Problem with Android version (tracks cutting out)

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I haven't tried the internal storage yet (huge enough pain to keep putting off -- you never know exactly what you'll put on on a given night, so it's hard to go into Windows Explorer to move files around in advance. I'll get around to it.)

In general it's been acting better, so for a while the OpenSL seemed to be doing the trick (didn't reply till now because of that)  but the problem happened two or three times last night. There doesn't seem to be any reason not to use it, and it appears to be helping.

Android version in settings is v9. AFAIK Android versions are named for sweets; I don't know if that's changed. Phone is an (about a month old) Moto G7 (Motorola, obviously).

Re: Problem with Android version (tracks cutting out)

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OpenSL must have made the difference, as the problem hasn't occurred again.

Anyway, putting my library on a card for my phone is the reason I made an account, so I'll just slide out of here. Thanks all for the help!

Re: Problem with Android version (tracks cutting out)

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Spoke too soon. It seems that different albums (or perhaps track data) are more susceptible than others. I'll take another look at it sometime -- probably something simple -- but for now I'll just enjoy it best O can.

(Il Barbiere di Siviglia with Vittorio Gui/Alva/de los Angeles is doing it a lot -- three or four times not halfway through the first disc; it's mostly short tracks. Other albums I've had on I've had no problems with. Might that help with a possible diagnosis?)

(Files the first time were 320kbps MP3; now they're 128kbps Opus. May have had some FLAC in there early on; if I did I noticed no diffemcd.)

Re: Problem with Android version (tracks cutting out)

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Not sure if bumping such an old thread is allowed, but I'd just like to inform you that this problem has been resolved in the latest update. Thank you.

(Please restore the track numbers in the artist-title-and-cover-art panel in the pull-down menu in the next one.)

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