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Topic: Linux CLI tool that keep foobar2000 subsong index/embedded cuesheet? (Read 179 times) previous topic - next topic
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Linux CLI tool that keep foobar2000 subsong index/embedded cuesheet?

Hello everybody! I'm a newbie at posting in HA, as I always found my questions made and answered by other forum's members. But now I could not find what I'm looking for.

I use Foobar2000 under Wine on Linux for almost everything (listening, tagging, encoding, etc.) and my music library consists mostly on single multitrack ("multisong") Ogg, FLAC or WavPack files per album created by FB2K converter. Now, for scripting reasons,  I'm looking for a command-line tool that can (or can help to) transcode one of those lossless multitrack files (i.e. FLAC) to other format (i.e. Ogg or WavPack) multitrack file keeping all metadata of individual tracks as FB2K does. I tried sox, ffmpeg (with -map_metadata and -map_chapters), oggenc, metaflac and vorbiscomment, but I only can get a single file per album that shows no individual tracks in foobar2000. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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