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Foobarcon Pro

Hi everyone, I don't know if this is the right section but I didn't find anything else ..... I wanted to ask if someone uses Foobarcon to control Foobar, I have been using it for several years and I find it a fantastic app for its features etc ... it also allows me to use Foobar without using any monitor.
I wanted to try to fix a few things that I can't fix, for example if you play a dsd file, in the information you see 24bit or 1bit? I see 24bit in the app while on Foobar from PC I see 1bit, I use the foo_input_sacd plugin
Is it possible to fix this? Besides, I would like it if there is someone who uses it if it has changed settings with respect to the default ones to make the most of it, for example I put all the various commands to see the library via codec, samplerate etc....I would also like to know if someone uses other apps to control Foobar from a smartphone and how to find it ....

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Re: Foobarcon Pro

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Your best bet would be contacting the developer of said app. You might be able to find his contact details on the Google Play Store (browse to the app's page and scroll down), where I'm assuming you bought it.

There's no guarantee that he will actually respond though.

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