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Error-Message when loading *.fpl-file (Playlists)

Since playlists are saved in the folder "playlists-v1.4" I have the weird issue that I cannot open or load them properly in foobar.
This is the message I get:

"The following error(s) occurred during loading of the location(s):
Unsupported format or corrupted file"

And then foobar just loads one song (I think the first entry of the playlist) out of the corrupted fpl-file.

It's essentially for me to backup playlists with foo_jesus from time to time to prevent overwriting, deleting and so on. But it's pointless when I'm not able to open playlists anymore...
Btw: Older playlists in the folder "playlists-v1.3" are loaded correctly. Never had issues with the older folder version.

I'm using v.1.4.6 on windows 10.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

Re: Error-Message when loading *.fpl-file (Playlists)

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Those playlists are for internal use. If you restore your backup to original location they'll work fine.

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