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Re: How to know the exact loud level?

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After scanning with ReplayGain, you can get the LUFS Integrated loudness level in dB, for a whole file, with this string, kindly provided by another FB2K user:

$if(%replaygain_track_gain%,$puts(l,$sub(-1800,$replace(%replaygain_track_gain%,.,)))$div($get(l),100).$right($get(l),2) dB,)

Re: How to know the exact loud level?

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Sorry for the dumb question, but what does this measure exactly ?

Re: How to know the exact loud level?

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It scans with ReplayGain, which in FB2k now uses a LUFS Integrated measurement, I believe, and converts it to a number that makes more sense for assessing the overall loudness of an entire file/track. LUFS Integrated is the standard way of measuring perceived loudness in the film, TV and broadcast industry for a number of years now, far better than simple unweighted RMS or so called "DR", but still not perfect. The figures derived from this string line up perfectly with the LUFS meters I also use in RX7 Advanced and my DAW.

Broadly speaking, a track which has a low dB LUFS Integrated figure such as -8, will be far louder, less dynamic, and is likely to have had far more loudness processing applied, than a track which has a higher LUFS figure such as -16.

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