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Exclude in Album List View

Is there a way to exclude music from an album list view?

Example: `[exclude:%genre%='blah']`

Re: Exclude in Album List View

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Hi there,

You can exclude using an $if function. It works better with a group of tracks (a genre or album or folder) to exclude by, otherwise it would get too ridiculously long for individual tracks.

Just wrap the entire view pattern inside an $if, for example -

Code: [Select]

^ $stricmp is a case-insensitive exact match, so the above would exclude 'Pop' only for single-value genre tags. If tags are multi-value ('Pop; Rock') you would use $strstr instead. See foobar Help menu > Title Formatting Help or the Reference wiki for more info.

You could also make files / folders hidden in Windows Explorer to exclude them from the media library entirely.


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