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VLC media player

Vlc media player is a fantastic player for windows. its function of ripping cd maybe is not 'equal to' other ripper more famous, or not so?


Re: VLC media player

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In view of recent IT security issues with VLC Media Player - Ongoing as of Dec 2019 - folks might wish to use another media player at least until such issues can be resolved and this software can be updated. Especially when using this software on networked systems for serious work.


Re: VLC media player

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IMO - the 'security' thing is overblown esp for isolated home computing. 

2 - What is with these 'groups'  / individuals  finding exploits ? . Do you really believe busy people have so much time to waste - they can't even develop quality free software yet  have all this time and (funds?) to find   every exploit.  Who is funding all this ?

3- if these 'issues' are hard or non-reproducible are they really issues in daily computing?
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