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Topic: Noob 2-channel amp/speaker/subwoofer Wiring Question (Read 953 times) previous topic - next topic
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Noob 2-channel amp/speaker/subwoofer Wiring Question

I have a very limited set of placement options for my workshop system.  I have an amp with L+/- and R+/- binding posts.  Two 6 ohm speakers with standard +/- posts, and an 8 ohm powered subwoofer with L+/- and R+/- posts.  Nothing more.  Keep in mind that there are a total of 4 binding posts on the sub NOT 4 in and 4 out. The way they need to sit, the easiest possible way to connect them is via the diagram.   My question is, is this an acceptable way to connect everything?

Yes, I can move things around but I would REALLY rather not.  Sorry for the presumption but I have asked this on several other forums and the only responses I seem to get are people telling me to move things around.  If the answer to my question is NO then that is the route I will be forced to go, but for now I just want to know if wiring things as shown is kosher.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Noob 2-channel amp/speaker/subwoofer Wiring Question

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How does it sound?

It is absolutely not ideal. The problem is that in a sub setup a crossover is used to send low frequencies (lowpass) to the sub and high frequencies (highpass) to the speakers.

In your case the two speakers will have different crossovers. One speaker will have more low frequencies than the other.

The crossover can be set either in the receiver OR the subwoofer.
OR in your case it will be best to not use a crossover at all, but unfortunately i do not think that is possible if you connect your speaker to the sub, because the sub output to the speakers will always have a highpass.

What amp and sub do you have exactly?

Re: Noob 2-channel amp/speaker/subwoofer Wiring Question

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You say the sub is powered - so if it has an amplifier built in, I would connect left and right directly to the amp using proper cables and use thinner wires to connect the sub with the amp, like the right channel in your scheme.

I don't think the sub can be passive because this would mean, there must be lowpass coils in series connection for each channel, which would mean L and R are directly connected for low frequencies

Re: Noob 2-channel amp/speaker/subwoofer Wiring Question

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Thanks for the responses.  I don't know how it sounds, I haven't hooked it up yet.

I have a Monoprice MSUB-A082 subwoofer and a Fosi BT20A amp.

Re: Noob 2-channel amp/speaker/subwoofer Wiring Question

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You have wired it correctly with your particular setup.   

It would be "nice" to high-pass the regular speakers but if you can't do it you can't do it.   And, and hopefully the added subwoofer makes an improvement!

Re: Noob 2-channel amp/speaker/subwoofer Wiring Question

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Honestly i don't believe these part work properly even in a normal scenario. Splitting cables or connecting 2 speakers to one port, is something i would not recommend.

What you have is:
- amp has stereo out
- sub has hi level in
- sub has no out to speakers
- 2 speakers

EITHER you need to buy a sub with hi level in and out to connect the speakers properly.

OR buy an amp with a dedicated sub out. Preferably with a crossover. In this case the sub does not need hi level in or out, only (mono) line in.

Re: Noob 2-channel amp/speaker/subwoofer Wiring Question

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It's fine. Play ball
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