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Time elapsed starts at 2:50


I have a bug with foobar2000 v.15 beta 21 where the elapsed time is increased by 2:50. :o It's a cosmetic bug that doesn't affect playback. It's constant across file formats and affects streams, tones etc...

Re: Time elapsed starts at 2:50

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Under what circumstances does this issue show itself and where exactly? From the screenshot it could be in a playlist column, are you sure your titleformat script doesn't add the extra time there? Can you show the script responsible for the display?

Re: Time elapsed starts at 2:50

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Edit: the problem went away after I removed the beefweb remote control component. I will report the issue on the component's thread. Sorry for the unnecessary thread.

It shows everywhere elapsed time is involved, including on the seekbar which is positioned 2:50 further and waits at the extreme end during the last 2:50 of any song. It's not dependent on a script.

Re: Time elapsed starts at 2:50

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Sounds like it's stuck auto seeking the file to a fixed offset on every new file.

Re: Time elapsed starts at 2:50

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Bug fixed in version 1.5.1, thanks for reporting.

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