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Foobar keeps crashing

Hi guys,

since like 2-3 weeks I experience random and often crashes with Foobar, which I never had before. The crashes are very random, it simply closes down the Foobar.

No update or changes were done before the crashes. I have tried to re-install Foobar but it did not solve anything.

Here are some crashes reports that I saved (not often the error message pops up with the option to do so):

I would appreciate some help getting that sorted as it is really frustrating.


Re: Foobar keeps crashing

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Most of your crash reports are from foobar2000 v1.3.8 - that's almost five years old. The one crash from current version seems to have been caused by ESLyric component. Only fix is to remove the component.


Re: Foobar keeps crashing

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Update Columns UI as well, you have an old beta version of it.

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