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Foobar vs VLC

My old system was setup just the way I like using Foobar, then the motherboard flaked out and in rebuilding a new system its seems like its easier to just use VLC as my it plays everything solution, but I haven't started to dig deep to try and make all the connections with my ancient, but all digital AVR system (firewire or HDMI 1.1 or s/pdif of some sort).

The new PC will be main media source, video as well as music, so even if I end up with Foobar for music, I will still need to setup VLC for all the video content. Question is, do I need Foobar at that point?

Re: Foobar vs VLC

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Of course. How do you manage your library with VLC ?


Re: Foobar vs VLC

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Assume you're starting with a new HD? If so, are you aware you can save off your foobar setup (.fth file I believe?) and then use that with a fresh install so you're not starting from square one?
I use foobar to manage my library, but use VLC as the associated program for mp3s within Windows for playing one-offs.
I'm not aware VLC can 'manage' a library, meaning it wouldn't automatically add new files like foobar does?

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