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Reorder embedded artwork?

I've recently read this interesting thread about optimize layout & minimize file.

I'm looking for a way to reorder embedded images in musicfiles, which had been added in the "wrong" order.

Let me explain "wrong":

when embedding back-cover at first and then disc- and front-cover,
some players (i.e. plex, mpc-hc) will show the first embedded image as front cover, not the actual image, marked as "front-cover".

I wonder, how it may possible to easily (as in non manual) re-order the embedded images, to a user-definable order, or the order f2k uses.

Re: Reorder embedded artwork?

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Did you test "Rewrite file tags" for this?

Re: Reorder embedded artwork?

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Did you test "Rewrite file tags" for this?
Not quite sure, what you're refering, I did test those (screenshots) and all other menu-entries which seems to alter the file. Unfortunately, not help.

Re: Reorder embedded artwork?

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Removing images and re-adding by hand is not quite, what I'm looking for, but maybe a script which can do this?

or, if f2k is not capable of reordering the embedded images,

how about another software which is?

Anyone knowing of a software, which reorders the embedded images to a usergiven order?

Re: Reorder embedded artwork?

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Answering my own question, because I have found a solution via mp3tag.

(short description, for better help go to the mp3tag forum or press F1 in mp3tag program, it has an easy and good help)


-create an Action Group with the following Actions and apply it on the music file(s):

-export front-, back- and cd-cover in separate files from the source file(s)

-remove all covers from the source file(s)

-embedd the previously exported image files in "correct" order: front, back, cd.

The screenshot explains it even better.

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