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Fb on Windows 10 hibernate/network issues.


I've installed foobar on a windows machine.

After wake from hibernate, foobar is not able to connect to media library folders on my nas disk. (using unc path).

In preferences, media library the status of the folders are "Error!".
If i right click each folder and select rescan now, it rescans and status changes to "Monitoring"

Some times foobar i also not capable of resuming playing, and error messages occour (don't remember the exact words).

So, it seems like foobar is not capable of resuming connection to net work ressources after windows wake from hibernate.

I use foobar ios apps as remote control (paid version), as well as vnc.


Re: Fb on Windows 10 hibernate/network issues.

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I have the same issue. The problem is that Windows tries to attach mapped driver before the internet connection is established. When I wake up the computer, I go to Windows Explorer and click on the Music drive.

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