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Topic: Loss of quality, skips, corrution, etc + EAC + Computer Freezes (Read 237 times) previous topic - next topic
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Loss of quality, skips, corrution, etc + EAC + Computer Freezes

I have a question that's  been bugging me and to satisfy my OCD i must ask.

When ripping CDs (in my case I'm using EAC, but I'm sure this will include other ripping tools), and during the ripping process your computer freezes for a bit/EAC freezes (program not responding), will this cause flaws in the sound quality, or any type of data corruption in the final rip?  When the Program freezes while data is being written to your hard drive, will this  effect the quality of any sort, or cause any type of sound glitches? I hope what I am makes sense.

I ripped a CD that was completely scratched free, with a 100% log, but during the ripping process EAC froze.  When i listened to the CD there is a very quick and subtle break in the song.  Its like a skip but not a skip (if that makes sense lol).  I'm wondering if this was caused by the freezing of EAC or if this was just part of the CD when it was recorded. 

I'm going to eventually  listen to the CD that i ripped from to compare and see if this "flaw" is also on the CD, but its going to be another week or so before that CD is back in my possession.  I just wanted to get thoughts and feedback on this anyway as I'm curious.  


Re: Loss of quality, skips, corrution, etc + EAC + Computer Freezes

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The CD wasn't in either database?
I haven't experienced any ripping issues when EAC is slow to refresh the GUI while ripping.

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