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Clean up fb2k folder

After many years of updates and component installations the Foobar folder on my desktop has multiple component folders, users component folders and many sub-folders that appear to be duplicates. The obvious answer is to do a clean install but that also means doing the UI again and I wonder whether there is an easier way. Where are the settings for the UI and which other essential files should be kept.

I guess I am looking for an easy "clean" install.

Re: Clean up fb2k folder

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EDIT: reading again you last sentence... my text is far away from "easy" ;-}


I'm no expert at this,

user-components contains all your installed components which are not core components.
configuration contains all configurations. From core components and user installed components and the f2k config itself.

Now, some user components create (or need) folders, which are in the f2k main folder, so you have to take that in consideration too.

I have no clue about the themes folder, since I use no themes.

Additionally, I think the library and the playlists-v1.4 folder are usefull too, especially, when you have large playlists or library.

Maybe you have an encoders folder, which is from the Free Encoder Pack. If you install the Pack, the folder will have all the needed files, so you don't need to backup/restore. Just install the newest Pack.

I mostly work this way:
make a full backup of the whole f2k folder.
install a fresh f2k.
copy back folder by folder while f2k is not running. (copy back. start f2k. check what is missing. quit f2k. copy back. start f2k....)

If I'm not sure, where a setting is saved or which component I'm using, I change a setting (in old f2k install), quit f2k and check the last changed files in explorer. The last saved/changed files give a good clue, whats happening :-)

There are also a lot of .txt files in the main f2k folder. I do not have an idea if they contain important stuff or are recreated on first start of f2k. To be sure, you need to text-compare the files in your old and new f2k install.

I too remember, there are similar threads here in the forum, which will tell you even more... but you have to search, I did not find them ;-/

Re: Clean up fb2k folder

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In addition to @fuffi's suggestions, I would carry the LargeFieldsConfig text file and the index-data folder, where playcounts and other plugins store their data.
I'm late

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