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Question about the assignment of covers

Hello, I'm new to fb2k and have my first question.
Is there a way to assign (tag) an MP3 file with both front and back cover in one step?

Thank's for your answers.

Re: Question about the assignment of covers

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one step?
No (unfortunately, and as far as I know).

...but you have many ways to shorten the count of your steps.

You can set up Keyboard-Shortcuts or Buttons, which will allow you to open a single "Choose Picture File to Attach as * cover" Window, where you can choose, i.e. a front.jpg to be embedded.
Same with all other cover variants as Back, Disc, etc...

(presupposed, you have already configured buttons or shortcuts, which I don't explain here)

Step1: Click Button (or press shortcut)

Step2: Choose file (f2k mostly opens the folder where the musicfiles stay, so if your images are in the same folder as the music is, you're lucky and do not need to add more steps/clicks to go to the proper folder)


So you have 4 steps for front- and backcover.

Alternatively, you can use the Batch Attach Picture Option, but the step-count will not decrease and you have to add front+back in two single steps. (But you can configure file locations and filenames here for more automatic adding, which is very advanced and convenient)

Others here might tell about extermal tools, which might work the way you want, but I don't use them :-)

Re: Question about the assignment of covers

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Thank you for your answer.
So it's the way I thought it would be.
In "Batch Attach Picture" you can indeed define the individual parts front-back, etc.,
but unfortunately not in one operation.

Well, maybe this will be implemented sometime.


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