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Topic: Missing tracks when adding a very long folder with a lot of subfolders ? (Read 139 times) previous topic - next topic
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Missing tracks when adding a very long folder with a lot of subfolders ?


I recognized this behaviour since some months, but wasn't sure, either its me pressing the wrong keys, or something else, but it seems, its foobar2000, wihch is not adding (randomly, single) files, when adding a very large folder via drag and drop, creating a new playlist. (Verly large means not less than 1000 files.)

This happens on local harddrives or on NAS, most of the times, the large folders contain a lot of subfolders, but not everytime.

When I realize a missing track, I go to that folder, drag'n'drop it to a new playlist and everything is ok. So its not a broken file or some other problem with the folder/file/drive, i.e. special chars, too long paths, deleted files, etc.
 I doubt, the missing files are not accessible, while f2k is trying to fetch them, because they stay either on a NAS (modern Samba) with no indexing software or similar or locally, with no virus scanner being active.)

Maybe my drives (5400rpm) are too slow or too busy when f2k is transfering files to the playlist from different folders, but I did not recognized something useful in the console log.

There is a big amount of components running in f2k, but I cannot try the exclude the maybe responsible ones, because this seems to be random, I cannot reproduce it. Its just, that sometimes, some files are missing in the newly created playlists.

Anyone is expericening a similar phenomena?

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