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Ripping speeds and different drives

Hello, I am curious about something that I'm experiencing right now when ripping audio CDs.  I know that different optical drives are going to yield different results with ripping speed, but I'm surprised that I'm getting much faster rips using my 12 year old drive as compared to two brand new ones that I bought.  I don't think the specs are any better on the old one, so I'm puzzled. The old drive is a PBDS DH-16W1S, and the new drives are an LG GH24NSC0B and a Lite-On IHAS124-14.  In all cases, the HW and SW setup is the same, and the CDs I'm using are in perfect condition.  The HW setup involves using the drives externally, using a SATA to USB conversion cable.

BTW, I'm using CDex in 'full paranoia' mode, with all other settings left at defaults.  Is it possible that the new drives require me to change some of the default settings in order to better take advantage of their speeds?  I was thinking that changing settings would affect all of the drives equally so I'd still have the rip speed discrepancy, but maybe that's not the case?


Re: Ripping speeds and different drives

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Personally I would avoid any kind of paranoia mode for any CD that is in one of the databases. Ripping in burst mode will be much faster for all of your drives.


Re: Ripping speeds and different drives

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Hi pdq, I'll keep that advice in mind.  Right now I'm using CDex so there is no ripping verification afterward which is why I was going paranoia.  What I'm really wondering is why my 12 year old drive is ripping in half the time as the two new ones that I tried.  I will probably need to buy a new drive in the near future to replace it because of its age, and I'm wondering what it is about the old drive that results in faster ripping speeds so perhaps I know what to look for in a new drive.  Otherwise I'll have to just keep choosing new drives randomly until I get lucky and find one that rips at the same speed as the old one.


Re: Ripping speeds and different drives

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CDex is what I used about 15 years ago to rip my entire collection, before Spoon invented PerfectRip. Since then I purchased a license for AccurateRip, which is what I use now. The advantage of AccurateRip is that nearly all of my CDs rip in burst speed, and for the few that are not in the PerfectRip database, AccurateRip automatically rips a second time to compare with the first.

Re: Ripping speeds and different drives

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Paranoia modes go to great lengths to fox the internal drive cache, which can be very slow.  They also go to even greater extremes when any kind of readback inconsistency shows up.  Very old drives have smaller caches that are easier to override, but I'd have thought that you'd need to go back more than twelve years for that to be the reason.  If you're comparing against a PerfectRip database, probably not worth the effort.  If you're working blind then you might have to accept the slowness as the price of being near-bitperfect, and even then maybe back off the paranoia on some damaged disks.  I've also seen disks that just won't send back bitperfect results on some drives, but are fine on others, and not necessarily just on cheap drives.

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