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Reset shuffle automatically once all my library has been played


I'm using foobar2000 for a webradio (24/7) and from what i've seen during the last few months using the shuffle mode is that it actually plays the songs in the same order unless you exit foobar2k and relaunch it. My question is : is there a way to have a different shuffle once all songs have been played once? without having to exit the program regularly

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Re: Reset shuffle automatically once all my library has been played

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Hi there,

You can manually reshuffle with - [hold shift key] > Playback menu > Reshuffle. And there is a related option in Preferences > Advanced > Playback > Shuffle > 'Reshuffle on manual track selection'.

To make it automatic, can try the Scheduler component. At least you could have it reshuffle once a day or weekly, and possibly after X amount of tracks.

How many hours / tracks in the playlist? Perhaps you could set it up to match that. Under Preferences > Scheduler, add a date/time event. For example, 'Weekly on Tue at 1PM'. Then add an action, use 'Launch application'. Make the command line -

Code: [Select]
C:\Apps\Foobar2000\foobar2000.exe /command:reshuffle

^ Change the path to your foobar install.

Then right-click the date/time event and assign the action to it.

(There is no visual indication of a reshuffle as it happens behind the scenes, but it should work)

You could possibly have 'Wait until N tracks played' as the first action, before the command line, although maybe not depending how many tracks / hours. There would have to be less total tracks (in hours) than the time frame, otherwise it would not run before the action is triggered again the next day/week. (I think so, if that makes any sense...)


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