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linux and/or foobar2000 - find similar sounding songs

this is about finding similar sounding songs in your local collection.

can you recommend a native linux tool, alternatively an up-to-date(?) foobar2000 plugin for this task, please?

Re: linux and/or foobar2000 - find similar sounding songs

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to name a few possibilities, which are unfortunately unsuitable for my purposes:

- there are online services where you can look up similar songs (if available) - but the focus is mostly limited to very common genres and popular music only...

- there exists an old fb2k plugin foo_bpm, but the first requirement is to scan the local library, including a tag-update of all containing songs, as far as I know...

i can't say how effective this method is to really find songs that sound similar in substance. probably it's rather aimed at the beat of the song and with a lot of luck you'll get a certain rough agreement on that later on? maybe i'm completely wrong with my estimation though? ;)

- several years ago, i think i have read something about an id-scanner for the mood of songs. that would be ideal, but it would again require a scanned library - with a separate database it would be bearable. does anyone else remember it and has some experience with it?

i found an impractical, limited and often inaccurate solution in there you can search for specific songs and get a maximum of 12 similar songs listed. perhaps it is even more if you are a registered user, no idea?

the big advantage here of course is, that you are not limited to the songs in your library, but you get to know new bands this way.

i would be interrested hearing your opinions.

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