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PLS and M3U comments

I would to interlayer comments rows in playlist.
In pls I use:
Title1=------ Main ------

in m3u not work a similar system.

Do it is possible some other way?

Re: PLS and M3U comments

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.m3u  (and.m3u8) playlists use the # at the beginning of a line to comment out the entire line

More details at

Re: PLS and M3U comments

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No. They want to insert something into the visible playlist of the audio player they're using. Perhaps they should be using multiple playlists instead.

Re: PLS and M3U comments

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Oops, must remember to actually read properly, thanks ;)


Re: PLS and M3U comments

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I suppose this would depend on the player, but could add something like this:

#EXTINF:000,------ Main ------

The player will show the title, and just skip over it when the file doesn't exist, or the player might not show it at all.

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