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Fixing GoPro Hero 3+ Audio

I found some videos taken from 6 years ago of my now-deceased mother and my little children (not so little anymore). They were taken with a borrowed (and little-understood) GoPro Hero 3+. I did not mess with any settings.

For some reason, the audio is not good. There are two problems. For some of the videos, the volume is just very low. Even increasing volume to the maximum on the computer watching the videos doesn't raise the volume enough to make them intelligible.

For others, the same problem (perhaps a bit more amplitude), but there is a hum. Don't know why. Was always just powered by the battery.

This is irreplaceable video for me. Do you have any suggestions for a software program that can manipulate these files to fix them? Each video has an associated MP4, LRV, and THM file.


Re: Fixing GoPro Hero 3+ Audio

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A week's gone by, 78 views, and not a single person can volunteer a suggestion?

Yeah, I know, "look it up yourself." I thought this was why there exists a forum. I'm not very familiar with video/audio files, and yes, I guess I could spend a lot of time familiarizing myself with the various formats, and maybe spend some more time reading up on all the possible programs, maybe buy/download some of them, and so on. But I'm not going to become an audio/video engineer, it's just this one thing, and so given this forum, and that people here have expertise that I couldn't obtain in a year's worth of intensive study, I thought someone would help.

I know that if someone asked me a question in my field of expertise I would not ignore, and I would help.

Never mind.

Re: Fixing GoPro Hero 3+ Audio

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lvr and thm are useless files (
You can losslessly extract audio from mp4 files with ffmpeg, edit it in audio editing software (free Audacity for example), save edited audio, then remux video with new audio using mkvtoolnix or ffmpeg.

Re: Fixing GoPro Hero 3+ Audio

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I subscribe to this forum via RSS which lists every single forum post and comment, and have not seen your original post until Rollin's comment.

You are also part of this forum yet you are not an enthusiast, so it would be safe to assume that not every member is an enthusiast like you think they are.

Apart from that, your audio issues sound somewhat fixable on the surface. I am happy to take a look at the files for you myself and try to fix the audio (this is my hobby), or I could suggest a long-winded fix if you're interested.

I understand the personal subject matter of these videos means a lot to you, and people here are willing to help you if they can, myself included. Please give us a chance :)


Re: Fixing GoPro Hero 3+ Audio

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Do you have/use an audio or video editor?

Most video editors can do some audio editing, including boosting the volume and possibly filtering, and some video editors have "smart render" that won't re-compress your un-edited video.

Or, Audacity (with the optional FFmpeg encoder)  should be able to extract the audio and you can simply use the Amplify or Normalize effect.   But, you'll have to figure-out how to re-multiplex the audio & video.

Audacity also has a notch filter and Noise Reduction that may be able to reduce/remove the hum.   Noise reduction works best when you have a constant low-level background noise (when you don't really need noise reduction).  And of course when you boost the volume you'll also boost the noise so I'm not optimistic and "the cure might be worse than the disease".   ...A notch filter or high-pass filter may work better.

If the noise is bad-enough to be annoying, subtitles are often the best solution.  ;)

A week's gone by, 78 views, and not a single person can volunteer a suggestion?
I saw the title but I dodn't bother reading the post because I assume most GoPro recordings are made under "hopeless" conditions...

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