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Apply Album Replay/Gain To Soundcheck Not Working

I am trying to normalize my files in iTunes and don't like the soundcheck feature as it normalizes based on track gain, not album gain.  I am trying to use the feature in foobar2k 1.4.8 to copy the album gain to sound check.  Problem is that it does not appear to work at all for either aac/m4a or mp3 files.  Anyone else having an issue with this?

Edit:  It is actually working for AAC/m4a files...just not working for mp3.

Re: Apply Album Replay/Gain To Soundcheck Not Working

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MP3 Files:
I think I figured out what the problem is.  Foobar2000 is not writing the SoundCheck tag correctly.  If I look at what is written in a hex editor, it looks like this:

COMM...i...engiTunNORM. 0000023D 0000023D 00000599 00000599 0000BD60 0000BD60 00000000 00000000 0000D0C8 00009138

If the "i" simply gets changed to an "h" then the SoundCheck value that is written by Foobar2000 will import into iTunes correctly for an MP3 file.  Hopefully that is a change that can be made so that this can work properly moving forward.

I also figured out that all the hex values can simply be 0000023D and it will still work.  Again, I don't know what all of the other numbers mean but I have confirmed that they don't seem to have any effect on what iTunes interprets as the volume used by SoundCheck.

m4a Files:
Foobar also seems to not be writing the ITUNNORM tag correctly for m4a files either.  For the particular track I am using as an example, the correct album gain that I want iTunes to use is +2.26.  Foobar writes the ITUNNORM field as  00000252 00000252 000005CC 000005CC 00024CA8 00024CA8 00008351 00008351 00024CA8 00024CA8 which when I import into iTunes shows the SoundCheck volume as -1.2 dB.  The problem lies in the part of the hex that I have shown in bold...if these numbers are changed to be 00000000 00000000 instead of the numbers that are shown then the volume shows correctly in iTunes.  Also, if all the numbers match the first (00000252 00000252 00000252 00000252 00000252 00000252 00000252 00000252 00000252 00000252) then the volume will show correctly in iTunes.

Hopefully someone can make these changes so that the SoundCheck feature in iTunes can be used reliably with the replay/gain values that are calculated in Foobar.

Re: Apply Album Replay/Gain To Soundcheck Not Working

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What I described for mp3 above actually becomes much more simple.  Simply do the same thing as I stated for the m4a files as foobar actually already has the "h" in the file...

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