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Track listing

Hello, this is my first post here. I only started ripping CDs about a year ago and have learned a lot (mostly from this forum) but I am still a newbie. I always used WMP before because it was convenient but now I am using Express Rip. My problem is the track order gets confused if I try to copy to the thumb drive. I found if I go ahead and sync with WMP that it fixes most of them but I would like to know how to do it myself. Btw I am posting on this thread because I have chosen to rip in MP3 32-320kbs vbr V0. I was using WMA 192cbr (before I knew anything) which was ok but I found the MP3vbr to be slightly more clear. If I am off topic here please guide me. This is now my hobby. Thanks.

Re: Track listing

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If Express Rip is getting the track numbers wrong try a different ripper.    EAC & CueRipper both support AccurateRip.    CueRipper is easier to setup, but not as flexible as EAC and sometimes it gives me an error.

Re: Track listing

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It gets the metadata right, the problem is when I transfer the files to another folder the songs are out of order. I just don't know how to do that properly without using WMP and even then the order can be off a little. I will right click and copy to the destination which scrambles them or add to WMP sync. Those have been my 2 methods. Thanks.

Re: Track listing

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I always incorporate the track number into the file name (01 - <group name> - <album name> - <track name>) so that playing them alphabetically plays them in track order.

Re: Track listing

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Ok, thanks. I was shortening it to track # and name. I will go back to default setting (like you had it). The problem I had with that is on my Sony ax5000 the track description was too long to see the name. Maybe I can switch the order.

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