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WASAPI SPDIF 192kHz noise

Was wondering if anyone could help here, having noise and static during playback of 192kHz files in Foobar over SPDIF Coaxial using WASAPI.  The static is worse at 24 bit than 16bit (but bad on both).

On a side note, 88.2kHz files only play at 16bit, not 24 and 176.4kHz files won't play at all.

44.1, 48, and 96kHz audio files all play fine on SPDIF and everything works great (even the problem children above) if I use USB audio.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Gigabyte Designare Z390
Realtek ALC-1220 SPDIF Coaxial
Foobar 1.4.8 ( has same problem)
Wasapi plugin 3.3
Win10 Pro


Re: WASAPI SPDIF 192kHz noise

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Obviously, you problem is not anyhow connected with foobar2000. This is driver or hardware problem. Did you tried it with other players? Also you didn't mention what device is connected to SPDIF.

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