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Foobar crashes after boot/wake

Hi, everyone. This is a problem that's been plaguing me on and off for a little while. I'd like to (hopefully) once-and-for-all track down a solution for it.

Basically what happens is that occasionally when I launch foobar after boot or wake, foobar will open for about a second, and then crash, showing the send report window. On the following launches, I have access to the safe mode launcher. Foobar will continue to crash, no matter which option I pick (safe mode, normal, etc.), and will even crash if I don't pick any option. I generated a mountain of reports, and sent a few off, including today. I've included a dump and a report as attachments.

I've had this problem on and off again since installing foobar on this machine, and occasionally I just won't be able to use foobar, and other times I'll no problems. Most recently, I had 1.4 installed, but I've since updated to the 1.5 beta 16 and still have the issue. My configuration is by no means excessive, and watches only a single network location.

Thanks for all of your help!


Re: Foobar crashes after boot/wake

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Based on a quick look at your attachment I'd say it crashes because of Asus GPU Tweak II. And that program seems to cause several other programs to crash too based on quick google search.

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