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Converter: copy instead of transcode


I was converting tons of stuff. Had to filter out all lossy stuff and after the job was done, I copied lossy files with Totalcommander....

Instead of just do a transcode warning: I'd love if fb2k would offer the option of just copying (and renaming) lossy files instead of transcoding.

Also, if one source folder gets converted into multiple target folders (I have my classical albums often split into works) I wish fb2k could copy files (that subsequent file copy job) into ANY of the newly created directories.

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Re: Converter: copy instead of transcode

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Got the same problem with converting. There should be an option to just copy already lossy files automatically. My life would be so much easier.

Re: Converter: copy instead of transcode

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I came across the same problem recently too. It would be great to have the option to copy lossy files in the converter.

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