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LInux CD rippers with logs similar to EAC

Do you know of a Linux CD ripper that produces logs similar to EAC's?  Those logs are helpful for determining which mastering of a CD I have.

By the way, I tried EAC with Wine on Linux some time ago.  It worked, but I uninstalled it because it looked and felt a little unstable.  That was the only time I used Wine, so I don't know if that's the usual Wine experience.  I'd reconsider it if somebody assured me that it was stable, but I'd prefer something native to Linux.


Re: LInux CD rippers with logs similar to EAC

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i guess whipper is the closest thing to eac atm, have not tried this plugin, but check out:

besides, eac works very well under recent wine versions, just dont pay attention to the looks of it ;)


Re: LInux CD rippers with logs similar to EAC

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+1 for whipper. I’ve been using whipper (and morituri before, on which it is based) for years and always got perfect rips. Whipper can also check the AccurateRip database v1 and v2.

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