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Non-Latin file and directory names

I'm a new user of CUETools.

I'm trying to use CUERipper to rip a Hebrew CD. While the CD info lookup provides the Hebrew names of the album, artist, and the songs, the directory and file names created by CUERipper contain an underscore as a replacement for every non-Latin name

The first hint for the issue is the name of the cue file:

This affects all files and directories

Note that Windows allows non-Latin file and directory names. For example, directories and files created by another tool:

Is there a way to configure CUERipper to preserve the original, non-Latin names?
If not, is this the right place to request an enhancement?

Re: Non-Latin file and directory names

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(While CUERipper is not running)
try changing:
FilenamesANSISafe=1 to FilenamesANSISafe=0
Save file.

Note: If running as a portable application change the settings.txt file in the CUERipper folder found within the program folder.


Re: Non-Latin file and directory names

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Thanks! It worked like charm.

IMHO, this option needs to be included in the setting dialog.

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