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Backup Playlists


I am rather new to foobar2000 (using v1.4.6). I made a bunch of playlists which took quite a bit of time and then noticed I can use different skins for foobar and started playing around with them. At some point, I just decided to bring everything back to the default theme using Preferences > Default User Interface > Reset all. I lost all my playlists as well as all the keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Since I am planning to use foobar as my future DJ console, I need to learn how to back up my playlists. Any help here would be highly appreciated.

Also, since my laptop has a small hard drive, I am using an external drive where my library is stored. Do I need to back up my library in a specific way to maintain foobar's links to it?


Re: Backup Playlists

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Do note that when you hit the "Reset all" button you received a warning that it will nuke everything. You should always read warnings.

I recommend backing up the entire configuration directory and not just playlists. With normal install that's located at %appdata%\foobar2000. With portable install it's simplest to backup the entire install dir as configuration can be spread everywhere there.
There is also Autosave & Autobackup component but it's dangerous to use. It hasn't been updated in a decade and it by default leaves all new playlist locations out. And with new foobar2000 versions the playlist locations can change and they would once again be left outside the backup.

Music backup needs no special precautions. If you restore backup to original location so that file names and paths don't change everything works directly. If drive letter or paths change and files have proper tags you can repair broken playlists with Playlist Revive.

Re: Backup Playlists

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At some point, I just decided to bring everything back to the default theme using Preferences > Default User Interface > Reset all.
As you unfortunately discovered, that is not how to go back to default theme. For DUI, View menu > Layout > Quick Setup is the way. That would reset your theme while keeping playlists and other settings.

Before messing with theme changes though I would always recommend saving your current one. (For DUI, use the Export Theme button in Preferences > Display > Default User Interface. And of course later the Import Theme button if you want to restore. CUI has similar options).

Note: That does NOT backup playlists, but can use that in addition to backing up the entire setup as Case mentioned. Then you can safely play around with UI changes.

I use a portable install (so it can run anywhere without having to install it), and keep the entire folder backed up every so often in the cloud. Along with foo_jesus for incremental backups, and exporting the theme file whenever I make UI changes.


Re: Backup Playlists

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Thanks guys! Very helpful!

It took me a bit of trial and error to figure things out but without your help, it would have been impossible. foobar is just too different from what I am used to. But now I know how to backup my library, my playlists and layouts, thanks to your tips. And it's actually pretty easy when you know how to do it!


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