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Manual track change fade in and fade out problems


I am experiencing, in my view a serious problem with playbacking tracks.

Manual track change fade in, and also fade out doesn't work in a few cases. When playing a track by double clicking on a track in a playlist, then stopping the track by clicking on a stop button and then double clicking on another track in a playlist, the fade in doesn't work then. Basically, it sounds like there is no fade in, and I believe so. Another problem that occurs, of which I'm not sure how to reproduce exactly, but happens commonly and is very noticeable, is that when trying to quickly change playing tracks by double clicking on them, the fade out doesn't work sometimes, but instead gets interrupted during it. Expected behaviour would be, that there is either a transition between the two tracks, or, that currently playing track finishes its fade out and after that another track starts playing. This is preferred and desired for listening to a music, in my opinion.

So in short:

  • A manual track change fade in doesn't work on a track played by double clicking, if the previous track was stopped by clicking on the "stop" button.
  • In some cases, the manual track change fade out gets interrupted.

I tested it on a portable and also on the usual installation of your player.

It happens on a fresh portable installation of the latest stable version, using the default settings with increased manual track change fade in and fade out, and also on a very customized player of the latest or some newer stable version.

I use an onboard audio processor with great specifications and a dedicated high-end PCI-E card. Both with Direct Stream method.

Do you know why this happens? And can you fix this?

Otherwise, thank you very much for the player,

Re: Manual track change fade in and fade out problems

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If anyone's interested, we got this resolved on the IRC.

I was assuming that the manual track change fade-in is meant to work also while a track starts its playback after being stopped, but it isn't meant like that. Manual track change fade-in and fade-out are meant for a change from a track that is being played to another one. So it's good to know that.

Therefor, if we click the stop button and start the playback, then there isn't a fade-in. But this can be a problem in case of a certain track transitioning from a previous one, for instance. This would create a sudden sound pressure and that is unpleasant and probably even harmful in some way, assuming it is well audible. But now it is possible to enjoy a clean and smooth playbacking if you experienced the same like me, thanks to Case.

Case made an update to the Fade-In/Out DSP and added a new function which disables the effect during automatic track change. I am very grateful for that, because this DSP solves both the problems I described. It works well for me when placed on the first position in the DSP list. Besides, this component can also remove some kind of a pop sound when starting a playback, which was another issue I noticed actually. Shortly... a fantastic improvement.

For completeness of this post, here's a link:

A note: Beginnings of music tracks can be unwantedly affected by it, especially if the value is too large, so a smaller value like 50 ms or maybe even less like 35 ms should be used, in my opinion.

Thanks again,

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