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Converting via command vs foobar2000

 I came across a post on another message board that says, supposedly, command line is better. More reliable. I don't get it. Isn't it all the same?

Re: Converting via command vs foobar2000

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The command line would only be better if some options weren't implemented in the front end application that you needed to use.  The reality is that you're simply making things more complicated to use as those might be options few people would ever use.


Re: Converting via command vs foobar2000

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CLI implies that between User and Program there is only the hands (with the head) of the User and bugs of the Program. GUI add bugs of GUI. in theory.

Re: Converting via command vs foobar2000

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And CLI adds the complexity of operating a CLI. For instance, unlike foobar2000, and many modern conversion utilities, even CLI based... raw CLI encoders don't usually take advantage of multi-threaded encoding of any sort, and will only encode a single file at a time, unless you manually invoke the tool multiple times from multiple terminals, or use special scripts that run multiple instances in a forked background process.

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