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1.5 Beta 14


I updated to v14 this evening and afterwards when playing my music files the artwork would not display as it did a few minutes prior.
Any ideas?

Re: 1.5 Beta 14

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Needs more info. Did your layout change and it no longer has album art panel or a playlist viewer that can show art? That should of course not happen when updating so if it happened tell as many details as you can about your previous install and how you performed the update.

If the player still looks the same but you just no longer see art, is the art embedded in tags or is the art stored in separate files (like cover.jpg)? If it's embedded art, is it still visible in Properties dialog's Artwork tab? If it's embedded art and it isn't visible in properties, you need to upload a sample.
If it's external file that isn't visible, verify which cover you are trying to show in the UI (front, back, artist, disc) and share the search pattern for that one from Preferences -> Display. And please also share the path to the audio file and the path to the cover image.

Re: 1.5 Beta 14

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Well that's embarrassing... but I think I fixed it.

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