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foo_musicbrainz Redux 2019 (Tagger is back)

foo_musicbrainz seems to have made a return since the original topic is buried and the dev doesn't seem to  update the foobar  community i will
the explanation is here
 " marc2k3

Don’t know how many foobar2000 users there are here but I’ve updated foo_musicbrainz. It’s been rewritten pretty much from the ground up to use the JSON webservice instead of XML. Although the average user won’t care about that, it makes it easier for me to maintain. The original code was written by someone else and was almost impossible for me to decipher!"

It requires foobar2000 v1.4 or above and is available on github
it’s marked as beta for now because I dare say there is a bug or three to be found!

edit: I’m already aware of a bug where discnumber/totaldiscs isn’t always written as expected. I’ll get a new version out later today.

edit2: above bug has been fixed and a new release is out


Re: foo_musicbrainz Redux 2019 (Tagger is back)

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Thanks for pointing this out MJmusicguy, much appreciated.

Re: foo_musicbrainz Redux 2019 (Tagger is back)

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Thanks for mentioning this. I started a bugfix branch of the last official release several years ago but ultimately abandoned it before making any progress. Awesome to have this working again.


Re: foo_musicbrainz Redux 2019 (Tagger is back)

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Just want to let everyone know I am doing my best to make this plugin more accessible by keeping the community informed even though @Dremora  is the original creator of this tagger he no longer posts here without them we can not officially replace the plugin in the repo   and marc2k3 has chosen not to go through the effort of renaming and rerelaseing it here marc2k3's plugin should be considered the definitive version of this tagger and the other deprecated @kode54  @Peter  if you could replace the one in the repo with this one or sticky this topic that would be fantastic

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