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foo_np_simple text file track history format question

I had been using Spider Monkey Panel to write a simple playing track history log file;  while it works brilliantly it is overkill in both size and functionality for my own basic needs.  I stumbled upon the foo_np_simple (Now Playing Simple) plugin from Skipy Rich today ( and found it could do all I wanted at a minimal size, and the latest 1.9.1 version works fine with Foobar 1.5 Beta 13.  I have only  "On New Track" checked in the Events drop-down, and options formatted as shown here (I left some default code in that wasn't interfering with anything):

This produces a text file output of tracks played (e.g., from radio streams) as shown here:

[Wed Sep 11 16:49:21 2019]: Prog Rock - Aural Moon: The Net's Progressive Rock Garden
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:21 2019]: Genesis - Home by the Sea
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:32 2019]: Russian - Glavnoe Radio 104,8 FM
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:32 2019]: Машина времени - Он был старше её
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:44 2019]: Gothic/Metal (Radio Caprice) - Radio Caprice - Female Vocal In Metal
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:44 2019]: Acid King - Heavy Load
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:49 2019]: Gothic - WildCat -- Gothique
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:49 2019]: Alight - The Portal
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:56 2019]: New Age - ESOTERICA.FM NEW AGE BRASIL
[Wed Sep 11 16:49:58 2019]: Oliver Shanti - Era Limited Edition - Sacral Nirvana (Radio Edit)

My question is, is there a function/script/code entry I can add that would set a max limit of entries before beginning to delete the earliest played track?  Thanks for any help!

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