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1.5 beta 12 metadata autocomplete regression

The metadata autocomplete behavior in 1.5 beta 12 seems to have regressed from previous versions, requiring at least an extra user action to properly enter tags.

Case in point:
* Open up the file properties window (right click -> Properties on a track in a playlist)
* Select a field that has autocomplete capabilities, such as Album Artist
* Enter the field by clicking into the Value column
* Highlight part of the text you want to delete (has to be at the end of the string) and press Backspace
* The deleted part is now autocompleted

This only works if the text you deleted makes it so that the first entry in the autocomplete list is the original text.

I want to change Album Artist from "Elv Ft. Rebecca Louise Burch" to "Elv". My library contains no other album artists that begin with "Elv", so that the autocomplete list will contain only one entry. I click in the Value field, highlight " Ft. Rebecca Louise Burch" (including the space at the front) and hit Backspace, but now the field still contains the original string since autocomplete kicked in, and to get the actual value I want ("Elv"), I have to hit Backspace again.

I can add a video showing keystrokes if necessary.

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