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I can't use foobar remote in Windows 10


I had used foobar remote in Windows 7 but I'm using W10 now.

my computer is not listed in app ( in automatic mode (it only found android phone that if I selected one of them crash the app).
Then I unistalled the app and reinstall it.
I try to set the parameters manually but it said me in a toast message: "you cant to connect to this ip and port"

my ports

you can see the "video" here (if you want to play/pause the gif use potPlayer in Windows.
1) I installed driver in my foobar portable.
2) I show the path and I use foobar
3) I try with my phone (mirror with airDroid) to scan the server but it only see the android phone
4) I set the android phone and it always crash
5) reinstall foobar controller and try to set manually the parameters but nothing happens :(

Re: I can't use foobar remote in Windows 10

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it was a problem of closed firewall. I opened it (I dont know who to open it for foobar controller)

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