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ABX Media Players

Do you hear any difference in output when you switch between player app A and B?

Here's a comparison test with a different twist (I hope!)....

Take a bunch of CD Rips (in WAV format if possible - so there is no conflict whether the format is the issue) and play them on two different PC based media players - eg. FB2K, MonkeyMedia, VLC and others - at the same time.

Listen carefully using your best DAC and best pair of headphones.

I do this on Windows OS by playing both in sync, then opening Volume Mixer and muting one app or the other. Make sure they are output level-matched.

Of course turn Off all additional processing like equalization etc!

So what's your result, 1, 2 or 3?

1. I don't hear any difference.
2. Slight difference, hard to pin down exactly what it is.
3. Huge difference (eg. "one is shrill, the other smooth sounding", etc)

Please enter your vote here...

Re: ABX Media Players

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If you want to test if there is a difference, just record the output and check. 

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