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EAC AccurateRip configuration not popping up

I'm configuring Exact Audio Copy using this guide:
and my drive is an LG USB DVD writer.

I have successfully completed the basic EAC configuration wizard, and I am ready to configure AccurateRip (i.e. set my drive's read offset). The guide (and EAC's website) says that a dialog pops up automatically when you insert a CD that is recognized by AccurateRip. I have inserted various popular CD's and watched all of the tracks appear, as well as that colorful little CD icon in the lower right, confirming recognition by AccurateRip, but no configuration can be triggered. I have exited and restarted EAC, and unplugged and replugged the drive, and I cannot get the configuration dialog to pop up.

When I go to the "EAC" drop-down menu and choose "Drive Options" and the "Offset/Speed" tab, I see that "Use read sample offset correction" is greyed out and selected and has a value of +6. I don't know if that's some kind of default or if it means that it did in fact configure offset for my particular drive.

I don't think this is related, but I had another problem with EAC setup, which was that at first EAC would not recognize my drive at all. I downloaded the file "wnaspi32.dll" and put it in my EAC program folder, as suggested in various forums, and it then recognized the drive.

I should add that I have had no problems configuring and using dbPowerAmp to rip my CD's with this drive. It had no problem configuring the read offset. My free dbPA trial will expire, however, and it would be nice to use EAC, since it is free.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Re: EAC AccurateRip configuration not popping up

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I found the answer to my problem in this forum topic, in which someone else faced the same problem:

User Marc Lanctot writes:
"Do you have an entry in your Drive Options - Offset/Speed - Use read sample offset correction? If so and you haven't entered it manually, it's been added by AccurateRip. Also this entire area will now be greyed out, barring you from making changes."

It is also noted that AccurateRip has a list of drives with user-submitted offset values:
The value for my drive on this list matches what EAC shows under my "Drive Options" settings.

Apparently, EAC did the AccurateRip configuration without telling me it was doing the configuration.
Or I blacked out and participated in this configuration and have no memory of it.

Jeez, this program is such a pain in the ass compared to dbPowerAmp, but it is free.

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