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dying gracefully - library rescan...

Unfortunately with 1.4.6 I've experienced more crashes than with previous versions.

For example, I've had a recent hardware USB port problem, which caused attached HDs to disconnect/reconnect randomly - terrible behavior and clearly not FB generated. Other crashes seem to be exclusively limited to scripting additions in my theme.

Every time FB crashes or experienced such a USB failure, it entirely "loses?" the library and requires a media library rescan.

I have a large library that **takes literally hours** to scan, during which time the library is not fully available and performance is terrible.

It would be great to have some sort of progress indicator on library scans, but otherwise, is there anything to mitigate this issue?


Re: dying gracefully - library rescan...

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You can - in right click options for the folder - tell fb2k not to monitor the folder for changes. Then it will pretend that nothing happened when the folder disappears. You will only have to hit rescan when the contents change, but it will be reasonably quick compared to scanning from scratch.

Also, please clarify about the crashes you get, perhaps they can be helped. Are you automatically submitting crash reports?

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