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Topic: ASF/WMA: "Correct" ReplayGain 2 tags? (Read 18286 times) previous topic - next topic
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ASF/WMA: "Correct" ReplayGain 2 tags?

I plan to add support for ASF/WMA to my loudgain tagger.

There seems not to be too much info on how to do this "correctly". I see that foobar2000 simply adds WMA tags like these:
Code: [Select]
replaygain_track_peak: 1.108371
replaygain_album_gain: -9.67 dB
replaygain_album_peak: 1.175801
replaygain_track_gain: -9.49 dB

Is this the way to go, or are there other methods that are more "official"?
Which players out there already respect these? [fb2k, WinAmp]
Also, why lowercase, not uppercase as the RG2 spec proposes?

Thanks for your insights!

Re: ASF/WMA: "Correct" ReplayGain 2 tags?

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Does foobar really write lowercase tags, or just report them that way?  Is there some ASF standard against uppercase tags?

Re: ASF/WMA: "Correct" ReplayGain 2 tags?

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I found that foobar actually writes mostly lowercase tags, to most file formats. For whatever reason, maybe because most players have adopted this over the years … except VLC, which insists in uppercase for most formats.

Upper- vs. lowercase ReplayGain tags has really become an issue. I wish that players would at least read the tags case-insensitively.
Can’t be that KODI insists in lowercase, VLC insists in uppercase, and foobar does it right … ;-)

Uppercase or lowercase 'REPLAYGAIN_*' tags?

Re: ASF/WMA: "Correct" ReplayGain 2 tags?

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Where does the idea that ReplayGain tags must be in upper case come from? Assumption from the fact that their names are written in all caps in wiki? They are just the field names and all tagging obviously must follow the specs of the tagging format - I believe they all should be treated as case-insensitive.

Re: ASF/WMA: "Correct" ReplayGain 2 tags?

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[…]I believe they all should be treated as case-insensitive.
That’s what I’ve been hoping for ever and a day … at least players should! It’s really not complicated but (almost) nobody does :-(

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