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Bad open file and add new folder dialog

I hate the dialog for add file or folder to play list! The window of open file dialog have bad position. The top of dilaog placed near of middle of screen. I have very large musical collection and dream that top of this dialog will br placed on top screen!!! In this case the window dialog may have more significant text string. And also i need make more little scrolling move. And last selected folder or file must be in the middle of window height for opening dialog. I think that developer must rewrite own open-file window dialog!

Re: Bad open file and add new folder dialog

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If you are on anything newer than Windows XP you can resize and move the dialogs and their sizes and positions are remembered. You can do that even on Window XP but the "Add folder" dialog won't remember its position.

The built-in Windows dialogs are superior to any custom replacement.

Also note that you don't need to use them. Just drag the files from Explorer or any other file manager you may use.

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