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Topic: Exported .fpl files don't show songs with multiple artists in the tags (Read 568 times) previous topic - next topic
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Exported .fpl files don't show songs with multiple artists in the tags


I'm almost certain I came a across a bug with the fpl playlist files.

What I did is saving a playlist as fpl on my PC and exporting it via usb onto my phone (android), into the foobar playlist folder.
Almost everything is working correctly, except that all songs that have multiple artists in the tags (for example "Camellia; Kobaryo")
don't show up in the playlist (and thus can't be played.

I should maybe mention that the playlist was created with the same songs but not the same files. The files on my PC are flac while the files on my phone are MP3, but that hasn't caused any issues with the rest of the fpl playlist so far.
Mind that the songs work perfectly outside the fpl list, for example selecting them from the album list.

I've tried enabling/disabling various options on foobar mobile (for example "split multi-artists by "feat." etc.") but to no avail.

I could just replace all the tags and make the software think it's one name (like instead of using , ; or / I'd use a & or something) but that would kind mess up the metadata.

Am I overlooking a feature on foobar mobile or is it simply a bug?

Thanks in advance for the input!

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