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I am new to foobar2000 -- I  hope this is a simple  question --

my (stereo)  receiver has a  DLNA-DMR interface ---  I add  foo_upnp.fb2k-component so I can stream my audio to it, I got this working yesterday,   but I must have messed  up the  sequence on how to  "play to" the  receiver  and I can't get it work today.

Any help / insight on how to get to work would be greatly appreciated -- Thanks


Re: foo_upnp.fb2k-component

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This is very bizarre --  I have  installed the current (1.4.6)  version on my laptop (win10/1903/64bit)  and it works find, now on the
win10 (v1903/64b) were it stop working,  in stalled the current version on 2 vm guests  vista and xp  in both cases its work!!!

Is there any sort of logging that show what the problem is where its not working?  Thanks

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