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EAC TOC track lengths

This is out of pure curiosity.
Does anyone know how EAC comes up with the track lengths in the TOC of the log?

The track lengths in the log are always slightly different from the actual lengths of  the ripped audio.
Usually the log has the lengths a few tenths of a second shorter.

Of-course the length of the ripped audio depends on the gap handling, but none of the three options gives the exact same result as the TOC.

Re: EAC TOC track lengths

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The track lengths are not in 10ths or 100ths. The track lengths are in multiples of 588 samples (the number samples per audio CD sector (also called a frame)). There are 75 frames per second (44100/588=75). The lengths shown in the TOC are in the format mm:ss.ff (mm=minutes, ss=00-59 seconds, ff=00-74 frames)

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Re: EAC TOC track lengths

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Thanks a lot

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