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Channel Mixer component substitute ?


I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility of the old component Channel Mixer but the latest release of Foobar 1.46  recognizes this as problematic as did version 1.42. The flexibility to be able to toggle Off/On any channel was quite impressive especially when illustrating the comeback of the 70s Quad mixes.  Might anyone know of a good and compatible substitute that allows also the saving of configurations ? Ex. "Quad Front L/R and Rear L/R" might be a name for a template showing and enabling only those channels.
Thx much

Re: Channel Mixer component substitute ?

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Channel mixer was recognized as problematic by "Online troobleshooter" long time before fb2k 1.4. Try Matrix mixer -  It is also not updated long time, but isn't listed as problematic. It can't import/export profiles, but you can save DSP chains right in fb2k's DSP Manager.

Re: Channel Mixer component substitute ?

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Rollin - thank you for this information, most grateful..will do.

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