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SoX DSP question.

I just got a new Fiio X1II and i am about to transcode a half a TB of FLAC to AAC..

Most of it is normal CD stuff but there is quite a bit of 24/96 stuff mixed into the FLAC folder.

I have two convert profiles. One normal AAC one and another that is identical other than it uses SoX to bring it down to 44100 while converting.

I am wondering if it would be OK to just use the SoX profile on everything. So i don't have to go in and find every single "HD" album/track manually. Like, will it just detect it is already 44100 and do nothing? Or will it try to do it again.. messing it up.. If that makes any sense?

Cheers :P

Re: SoX DSP question.

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You don't need two profiles. The resampler will do nothing when the source sample rate matches the target.


Re: SoX DSP question.

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Awesome. Thanks :D

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