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Basic use of Album Art Downloader

Hi, I am not very adept at computer usage. I have about 11k of songs in itunes folder with many missing album art. They are a mixture of my downloaded cd's and Youtube songs. I have a Cambridge Audio NP30 network player and have been using Cambridge Connect as a control point along with MinimServer. I just found and downloaded Album Art Downloader. Are there basic instructions somewhere to get started? I have it open but cannot seem to find my music files. As mentioned I am older and not all that proficient with computer use so it is probably a user issue on my part. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Basic use of Album Art Downloader

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I've only used Album Art Downloader a couple of times, but since no one has chimed-in yet...

You can simply type-in the artist and album and then click "Search".

Or, you can click File -> New -> File Browser  and browse for a folder, then Search.    It will search sub-folders.  At the bottom of the "browser" window you can click Select All Albums With Missing Artwork or you can manually select/check the files/albums you want to search for. 

Then, click Get Artwork For Selection.

Then you'll have to select & copy the artwork from what it finds (if it finds anything).

I have about 11k of songs in itunes folder
The word "of" is confusing me a bit...  11,000 songs?

iTunes should find most of it.    Every once in awhile, I "clean-up" my iTunes library by deleting everything (just from the library, not the files) and when I re-add the folders I see messages "looking for artwork", or something like that.    I think that happens automatically, I don't think you have to configure anything, but you do need an iTunes account.

They are a mixture of my downloaded cd's and Youtube songs.
If you "ripped" the music from CDs and you don't automatically get the artwork,  sometimes the best option is to scan the artwork.   If you download  music from Amazon, iTunes, or any "legitimate" source, you should get the artwork.

No matter what, I think this is a "big project" but if they are mostly albums it should be manageable.    Awhile back, I went through my music library and updated the "year" tag with the original release date (if I could find it) for compilation albums or for albums that were originally released on vinyl.     I just had to tackle a couple-hundred songs a day until I was done.


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