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Basic Ripping question from the slow.


I'm setting up Foobar 2000 for ripping CDs to MP3 and later, converting FLAC files to MP3. I have the output file name all set up but cannot figure out how to set a destination folder. I want it to create a new folder and place the ripped files under G:/audio/Unprocessed/ with Foobar adding the files under a directory in an Artist/Album/ format. I could swear that I told it this at some point. It keeps asking me for a folder and only wants to drill down instead of allowing me to select a directory. I have not set up a library at this time since 1.) These are the inbound MP3 which I may need to process further and I don't want the Library to see them and 2.) I'm not certain which player I will decide on. Right now, I am ripping new additions for storage on my Hard Drive.

Re: Basic Ripping question from the slow.

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Ignore this, please. Thanks for your time.

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